I'm here to say sorry that I will leave this place in hiatus... Perhaps this will be the long hiatus...  If I happened to return back to here, that's mean new Kenzo will be updated and his new band, Deathbie...

But I really thanks for those who become members for my site and those who commented in the Cbox & guestbook... Thank you very much...


Kenzo Unofficial Fansite

Welcome to Buru-Tokyo, an unofficial fansite for Kenzo from visual-kei band, Ayabie. This site was started in 2008, and it will offer you other goodies and information concerning Kenzo. Enjoy your stay, and please read the notice before browsing through the site.



21.02.2009 by Valia

The site has a sidebar now and everything has been updated.

09.12.2008 by Valia

Happy birthday to Kai! All the best wished to him this day and ever^^

01.06.2008 by Valia

Video on Kenzo added.

21.3.2008 by Valia

1 new affiliate added.

12.3.2008 by Valia

4 new affiliates added.

I have updated Kenzo biography and mostly I picked the informations from Kenzo interview here.